Im tired
I need a passion.

Okay so a few days ago i was filling out an application that was referred to me by a friend who was helping me find a job. This application was for dish network calling center, and so i thought since i had 3 months experience of costumer service calling centers, i would try it out. Little did i know that this application would take me 3 hours to complete. 

3 hours! now i know the first question in your head is why would you even keep applying after an hour? Because i need a job! Being broke was my motivation to keep going. Now what was so great about this application was after i had applied it actually provided me with a calendar so i could have the option to choose which day would best fit my schedule to come in for an interview…..The problem…..There were no available dates! So yes i spent 3 hours of my life doing assessments, answering the same questions BUT with a different word play JUST so i could be tricked, and providing them data about me just to discover that their are no days available.

Who’s to blame for all of this? Me.

See after doing that i realize that, i hate looking for a job that im going to hate in the future. I understand that by looking for job i don’t enjoy such as “call center jobs” i’m just setting up myself for depression. 

I’m a 20 year old college student and i should probably suck it up but FUCK THAT! i’m just tired of the same bull shit. I’m tired of giving away my information to these businesses just to gamble my chances of getting a job or not. I’m absolutely tired of answering questions that require me to answer with Agree, Somewhat agree, neutral, somewhat disagree, and disagree. I know someone is out there saying ‘this is America, everybody has one, deal with it’ but maybe thats the problem. 

Why are we all looking for jobs? why dont we seek our passion. why do we have to go through these applications. Instead of someone yelling ‘get a job!’ how come that same person won’t yell ‘get a passion’.

I believe that we all grew up with that opportunity to find out, instead of just doing something that pisses us off every day. Dont you see thats why we are pissed off all the time at our jobs. Its our minds telling us this is not what you want to do. I know to some people do to life circumstances they cant leave the job they hate which is understandable. But understand that when that opportunity is out there we should reach for it.

 I think thats what i need to do… for my passion and make my money from there….